Monday, November 15, 2010

Anyone Else Counting??!?

It's only four more days!

Four days until freedom, for us and for our boys.

I can hear us being William Wallace now: FREEEEEEDOOOOOOOMMM!!!!!! :)


The other day Bam-Bam came up to me talking about Adam eating the fruit from the tree. That made me happy: he's absorbing truth. He even got the federal headship part right by blaming it on Adam. Lol.

Joey has done much better these past two days. He is still struggling with lying. He'll see the benefit of not lying soon enough. And he already knows that "There are six things, even seven that the Lord hates, things He cannot stand... proud looking eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that thinks of wicked things to do, feet that run to evil too, anyone who loves to lie about others, and one who causes trouble with his brothers." (Thank you, Judy Rogers.)

One of the things we're trying to teach the boys is not to point. I hate pointing. I do it, and I hate it when I do it. What it demonstrates is a horrible lack in our vocabulary. I understand why the boys are lacking in vocabillary :) words, but none of the rest of us should be. I am working on giving the boys the phrases and directional words they need so that pointing is unnecessary.

Tim's in there right now reading Genesis (Noah, tonight) to the boys and praying with them. They love their bible reading, and they ask every night. They even ask during the day.

What precious boys they are.

The other day Bam-Bam asked to talk to the baby, and he said: "I can't wait for you to come out!"

He was quoting his Daddy, but it was cute nonetheless.


  1. Em's 4 is awfully young to fully understand lying. Maybe you could help him through telling stories.

    Such as: Today I went outside and there was a PURPLE ALLIGATOR in the yard!!!! (then ask, is that the truth or a lie?)

    Then say something factual and do the same thing.... repeat it over and over.

    Also try to keep from him being backed into a corner so that he does lie.
    Instead of saying, did you do that?
    Just say, "Since you did that, you must...." or "Since you didn't use soap on your hands, you need to do it again." etc.

  2. BTW- I HATE that part of the movie!
    I used to go to bed early and then I'd finally be able to relax AFTER William Wallace yelled Freedom! ugh
    Bad memory!


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