Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our Boys

Yesterday we signed adoption placement papers! We left our house in time to get to Hurst by 10am, and there we signed the papers signifying that we want to adopt the boys.

Joey was terrified as we sat in the waiting room. Poor child; there were family visits going on, and he visibly started freaking out. He must have had so many of those in an office just like that, if not that very office. I'm so sad we were required to take him with us. He managed pretty well though once we got back to the meeting room, because he had the toys that were there on the floor to help him withdraw from his surroundings. So sad.

Before we let the boys down to play, it was disconcerting to watch them trying to misbehave just enough to misbehave but NOT lose their trip to the park. Bam-Bam takes advantage (of course) anytime we are somewhere around people, because you can't effectively discipline with others there and he knows it. Isn't it amazing how kids can figure that out? It's almost like they don't even have to figure it out. They just know.

Joey takes advantage of people being around, too. The other day I sent him to the potty, and right when he was finishing the occupational therapist arrived. He heard her come in, and immediately he began making tons of noise, and THEN he started to come out of the bathroom naked! I'm glad I got back there in time or everyone would have gotten a view.

At any rate, our boys' learning is a work in progress. They are only three and four, and Tim and I believe they have made amazing progress.

Besides all the info we got about court, we also learned something else fabulous. We can now post pictures of the boys! So here are some of my favorites.

This next one is Christopher trying so hard to shield his tongue with his hand... I stuck my tongue out at him, shielding it so Joey wouldn't see, and Bam-Bam just couldn't figure out how to do it. I died laughing.

I love this next picture of Joey. He is such a handsome little man.

These boys are such blessings. They bring me joy every day.


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  2. They are a blessing to others as well. Prayers have been said for years for you and Tim and it is amazing to see the answer to those prayers in the form of two beautiful boys. You guys have done an amazing job with them and I can't wait to see the next addition to the Minich family.



  3. Oh Horray!
    Em's your description of Joey being so scared was the same with Anna. She was terrified on anybody with a notebook for YEARS. We had to take her to court, and the first time, when we pulled up, she said, "Oh, that is where they put me!" We were shocked to find out it was true. It was an emergency shelter for removals, and she knew exactly what it was.
    Then, when we got into court and all the social workers piled in, she actually turned color and we asked if she could leave the room.
    Instead of us being able to go with her, they sent her with a SOCIAL WORKER and she freaked. We reassured her, she was just going to the potty. When she came back in she was shaking and we held her between us for the rest of the hearing.
    When we passed back into Texas, she started singing and shouting, "Yea, I'm a TEXAN, Yea were back in TEXAS!"
    It took her a week to get over that incident. :(

  4. Do I get to post pictures now? Can I , CAN I????

  5. Your boys are wonderful, Emily! It looks like they are a real set of live wires. :)) I'm so glad that you and Tim have another blessing on the way! God is so amazing - he gives us just what we need.

  6. Oh, Emily, they are just beautiful! What precious blessings!

    Love, Grace

  7. I so want to run, run, run to your house and squeeze them! Lucky for them that I can't, ha! ha! They are oohhh sooo cute!
    I am so happy for you!


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