Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cute Sayings

"I may come out?"

"I may tahowk?" (Can you say tick tock? Talk is like tick tock, not tahowk.)

So now they say: "I may tick tock?" :)

"It may be hining (hiding)."

"It darky?"

"The moon not have no wienie!"

"I bump my haid!" (This is a game they are not allowed to play.)

When someone farts/burps/sneezes and then says "Excuse me," Bam-Bam replies with "You wehcome!"

There are so many more, but as I was about to type them, Bam-Bam came up and told me there was somebody on the phone.

So we had this conversation:

Me: Yes! We are going to have a party! It's in two months.... well more like a month and x days. Yes, we're going to have a bounce house! And two cakes, a train cake and a puppy cake. It's for my two babies, Joseph Enoch Minich and Christopher Timothy Minich. Yes, they're always staying here, even when they're old and ugly. No one is taking them away. Ok, goodbye!"

And then Bam-Bam says, "Do it 'gain!" Big smiles all around.


  1. Of course it doesn't! The moon is a girl! :P

    So sweet.

  2. The talk comment reminded me of when Anna was learning about syllables.

    Several words like care, there, it, .... she wrote they had 2 syllables.
    She still spells thing as thang. :)


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