Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baby Names

From the beginning of our marriage, Tim and I have spent countless hours talking about baby names. We had a set of seven picked out, and now that we are finally expecting a baby, I don't believe we will use any of them, or at least any of the girl names.

And I am utterly convinced we are having a girl.

My most recent favorite baby girl names are a bit interesting. I adore the name Gemma, but Tim dislikes it intensely. I also adore another name, and I hesitate to mention it lest I jinx it, which of course, is impossible, but nevertheless, you get my point.

The name I'm not mentioning is growing on Tim, and I hope it continues to grow on him.

We are open for suggestions, but please don't be upset if we don't like your suggestion or if we name the baby something you didn't like. Ultimately, we believe the Lord has chosen the name for our baby, and as Randie Grantham once said, all we have to do is figure out the name that God has already written in the Book of Life.

Sounds like an impossible task, doesn't it! But we are up for the challenge, and I think my second favorite name is the one written there. After all, according to one book, it does mean "Consecrated to God".


  1. I love baby names. If we had had a girl long ago, I loved the names Caroline and Katheryn. I also love the name Elizabeth.... and Mary.
    But I think I would name her Merry instead of Mary, because Mary means Bitter.
    I would not really want to name somebody Bitter. :)

    I also like some of the more modern names like Jesse, Dakota and Maddison.
    I love the name Stella, but that name is already taken by your Dog, and the name Evelyn is just lovely.

    What ever you do pick, I'm sure it will be lovely. :)

  2. For some odd reason I'm getting Isabella vibes from your post. :)In that case, please make sure you don't let her hang out with guys 100 years older than them.

    Elizabeth is also a favorite of mine, and then come the Jewish names: Rivka (Rebecca), Elisheva (Elizabeth), Eliora (my G-d is my light),Shiri (my song, the name of my youngest), and Yehudit (Judith) that would definitely be the name of my next daughter.

    But whatever name you choose will be just the perfect name. :)

  3. I LOVE Eliora. My gramma's name was Ellie. :)

  4. 'Just started reading you blog. Inspiring. Congratulations on being pregnant! I'm an a-mom to two children (different bparents). Adoptions are open and they came home at 1 day old and 12 days old. Dd is now 7 and Ds just turned 5.

    Anyhow ... I also love the name Gemma and had we chosen our daughter's name, she would have been either Gemma or Emelina. We asked bparents to tell us their choice and they loved the name Mya. We agreed it was also lovely and bparents gifted her with her name.

    I'm sure whatever you choose will be lovely too. Have fun with the possibilites.

    Maria (Canada)

  5. I love Eleanor and Violet. (or even Eleanor Violet)But Joe isn't a fan. Oh well. =) Gemma is adorable--Tim what is wrong with you! lol just kiddin. Though I have to say that Gemma Minich is hard to say. (but then again Sam Minich isn't so great either) I agree with Mom--Evelyn is a lovely old yet modern name. I think almost all the names from the 1920s to 40s are safe bets.


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