Monday, September 27, 2010

Life Happenings

We have a very fun day planned... I don't know what it is about this weather, but it makes me want to do things!

We are about to head to Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I need to find a scrapbook for my babies. I want to get the pictures and decorations put in there so it can be viewed at the fabulous adoption party Tim and I are planning. We are also going to frame some pics to place around the house, and if I can manage it, I'm going to get an easel and a large poster board with their names and interesting tid bits of info.

I am going to make the party invites, also. I'm going to buy stickers to decorate them with. Tim asked me if the boys were going to do it, and I was like.... ummm, no! :) Is that terrible? Maybe I'm a bad mother, but I really want to make them myself. And then I reconsidered, maybe I'll let them help a bit, because we are definitely going to make one to put on their wall in their room.

Before the party we have to replace the screen door on the back, because the other day Stella charged through it. I think she thought she had to have the little stuffed dog the boys were playing with or something.... and she was half way through the door before she charged backwards, realizing what she had done. She looked quite shocked at herself. So this morning I ghettoed the door and duck taped the screen onto the door. The boys were so funny as they said, "Mommy pitst it." I told them, ummmm, no. I ghettoed it. :) They thought that was funny.

The boys are absolutely fascinated with the bounce house we're going to get for their party. They've been asking to see it so often that I printed it out and put it on the fridge. Now they've changed their request to 'see fire truck on commmmputer... peease??' So cute.

I know I've told the boys about the party waaaaay in advance, but we carefully thought it out and decided that Joey would do better waiting forever than not being prepared for a giant party at his house. Historically he's done pretty poorly even having small groups of family here. We're not taking any chances that he won't have fun. So, he's currently really looking forward to having his cousins and friends here, with his wonderful train cake and Bam-Bam's puppy cake. And... the BOUNCE HOUSE! I don't think he could be any more excited. Telling him this early was absolutely the right thing to do. They also know that the party isn't for two months. 62 sleeps.... wow that's a long time! It will fly by, though, because there are so many other fun things to do in the mean time.

We have Bapaw's barbershop competition this weekend... and we are going to a hotel for it! The boys know there is a cool tv there, a pool, and really good food. And they know they have to be quiet.... no talking during the competition! They will do great.

We are going to the Pumpkin Patch with Ivy and Laura, then we have the fair on the 12th, then I am working the election on November 2 and the boys get to spend the entire day with their daddy. He might order them pizza. That sounds like a good daddy thing to do.

The court is on the 20th of November and the party soon after that. This time will be gone before we know it, and then we can breathe a sigh of relief mingled with extreme thankfulness that the state is out of our home.... at least until we adopt again. And right now the plan is to do that sooner rather than later! We want to add to our family and then add again. We'll see if that's what God wants as well. We know that he will bring us the perfect kids, just as he did this time.

Well, this was a horrendously long post, but since I'm off facebook, I've been lacking that periodic status update that lets me update on what is going on over here and what I am thinking. So now, it's in one post. :) Until later!

Oh.... one other thing. We have a new nephew! I've yet to see a picture, but his name is Truman Shepherd. Very upstanding and distinguished. He needs to write scholarly papers or something.

I'm sure he's a cutie.


  1. Hey there, figured I'd comment since I'm missing "liking" your posts on FB! I am so excited for y'all, and it sounds like you are planning a very special party to celebrate your beautiful babies. I can't wait to meet them someday. I know that they must be really special boys.

    Love, Grace


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