Sunday, September 5, 2010

Joey and Mr. Owens

We experienced some emotion from Joey in the second service today.... just a little crying here and there with his heart clearly on his sleeve.

When we were leaving church, Tim mentioned to me that probably the reason Joey was emotional was because I whisked Bam-Bam out during the singing to make his attitude better, and left Joey sitting there with Mr. Owens.

I didn't think anything of it at the time. Mr. Owens was nicely sharing his songbook with Joey and encouraging him to sing. Joey looked fine.

Well, I asked him at lunch. "Were you afraid, Joey, when I took Bam-Bam out and left you with that man?"

A definite "YES" from Joey.

Apologies from me. Then, "He's such a nice man, Joey. His name is Mr. Owens. He's such a nice man. I knew him when I was a little girl. He's so nice." I probably overdid it on the nice based on what Joey proceeded to say.

"What's he name, Mommy?"

"Mr. Owens."

"Mr. Engings (Owens) NICE! He have nice hair!"

Here I try to redirect it toward Daddy a bit... "He has nice hair like Daddy?"

Joey: "YES! He have nice hair like Daddy, and NICE eyes! And he have nose. And NICE mouth! And he have bible. I see it."

Lol. All of this was said with serious wonder..... like, of course he is a nice man, because he has nice hair, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.. apparently, he looks like he's nice. :) And he has a bible that he shared with Joey. I think Joey made a friend.

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  1. Awww poor baby. It is amazing what goes on in those little minds. :(

    SO glad you got him back on the right thinking track and he isn't scared of becoming Joey Owens. :)


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