Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Tim and I were at Sam's yesterday, and a lady in the checkout line made my day when she said to me regarding the boys and Tim:

"They look JUST like him! Wow! Exactly the same!"

It made me so happy. Of course I said, "Thank you!"

Of course, that comment shows she didn't know anything about science since both of us have blue-ish eyes, and the boys' eyes are dark brown! But we are skipping that part, and moving on. :)

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  1. Well, strictly speaking my twin brother and his GF shouldn't have brown eyed kids as both of them have blue eyes, but then my brother's eyes are blue because he has Waardenburg's syndrome, and he should have the same color of eyes as the rest of our siblings, which is brown. Or she just simply didn't even notice the eye colour. :)

    But it's totally sweet when someone comments on how much my adopted/step kids look like me... I get that a lot more about them than my two biological sons!


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