Saturday, September 25, 2010


I am off Facebook. I am so done with it. The things I see on there grieve me to the point of a sick stomach, and so I am finished reading it.

The sad thing is, I feel like there are so many people who I will not be able to keep up with, and I think that people will even have a harder time keeping up with me.

Nevertheless, I've made the decision, and I'm going to try to stick with it.

I am on Twitter, though. My screen name is emilyjoyminich, and you can follow me if you want. I am also going to continue blogging, because I want people to know about our family and about what I think.

You are always free to email or call me!


  1. You should do what you need to do. I think we rely on FB and other social networking to maintain our human relationships. I can't think of when it was the last time I wrote a letter by hand to someone I haven't seen for a while.

  2. Em's we will miss you. You went off too soon. Becca had the baby! Pics will be up soon.

  3. It is true that there is way TMI that I may not need to know about on FB.
    Your blog is way tooo enjoyable anyway!


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