Sunday, September 12, 2010

Adopion News

The boys' CK case manager told us some interesting news this last week.

The background of the story is this frustrating piece of news that I got from the CPS caseworker. She doesn't even have their file yet!! So annoying. It isn't hard to send over a little ol' file.... ok, I know it's really nearly a foot thick (I saw it), but still, come on, really??? Just walk it over! It's the same building for crying out loud. I could even volunteer to make the trek down the hall with it and I wouldn't even peak!

But no. So that throws the adoption consummation date into limbo... not that we had a date to begin with. But we could have if she had sent the file!

But then our CK case manager told us that once we pick our attorney from their list.... the attorney sets the date! And then CPS has to deal with it.

Fabulous! So once we get the list of attorneys, we'll pick one and see where we go from there.

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