Friday, August 27, 2010

They say HUH!

For months the boys have been saying "THEY SAY HUH!" at the top of their lungs. I didn't know why/what it was until the other day. When we were at Sports Clips getting their hair cut, they saw a football player in the magazine and said "THEY SAY HUH!"

AHHHHHH!!!! I see now. They say HUT!

So, now they boys are sitting there with Tim as he plays football on the Super Nintendo thingy...

They are saying now:

"They say HUH!"


"Furr Down!!"

And they saw the center dude reach down to throw the ball back between his legs or whatever it is they do (I don't know, I hate football!) and on the video game, it looks like the guy is kneeling down and banging his head on the floor, so that is what the boys did. Oh my. Tim quickly showed them what the guy was really doing.


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