Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The boys have been playing with a sheet (hey, I did, so my kids need to also!) and Tim asked Bam-Bam if he wanted a cape. I don't think Bam-Bam knew what Daddy was talking about, but he said he did want one anyway.

So Tim tied the sheet around Christopher's neck, and Bam-Bam ran to show me.... but what does he say? Not, "SEE MY CAPE!!!" No. It's "I want it off." So I told him to go ask Daddy, and he ran back with his request.

Poor Tim, utterly disappointed that his kid doesn't want a cape, commences with the bribing.

You don't want a cape?!? Superheroes have to have a cape! Do you know who has a cape? SUPERMAN!!!

And Christopher replies with the utmost logic: "I not Superman!"

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