Sunday, August 22, 2010


Whoever said that you have to contribute DNA to kids to make them like you didn't know what they were talking about... and whoever said you have to physically give birth to your kids to bond with them also was smokin' peyote!

Parents love watching their kids and picking out things that are like them. Well, Tim and I are no different.

The other day we were all in the car, and I had a mini breakdown.......... I had left my hand sanitizer at home! And before my breakdown even gained any ground at all- all I had said was something along the lines of "Where's my hand sanitizer?!" and the boys were asking for it! They knew it by name, and they know it's something we do after eating in the car. They even know it cleans the grease off their hands. I love it!

Bam-Bam comes up to me sometimes, ok, ALL the time!, and tells me, "Mommy, I need to wash my hands/feet/face/brush teeth, etc.. When he is not even dirty he tells me that he needs a wash. That is so like me!

And when Bam-Bam is sleeping, if I even touch his covers to straighten them, he jumps out of his skin! That is like Tim.

Joey doesn't like to be stroked, which is also like me. It physically hurts my skin, and I wouldn't be surprised if Joey is the same.

Joey is a talker, like Tim, and Bam-Bam is very touchy-feely, also like Tim.

As the years go by, we are going to enjoy watching for other things that are like us. And then when someone in the supermarket tells us, "Your boys look just like you!" we will say..... YES, THEY DO! :)

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