Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Decorations and Names

I've been dreaming forever about how I was going to decorate my children's room. I never decided on anything specific.... at least not anything I stuck to. I had thought about doing bugs for a baby's room, but we all have seen how THAT turned out. Then I thought I would do sailboats and nautical stuff for a boys' room, but when it came right down to it, Tim and I put the boys into the green room instead of the ocean blue room. That was a good choice, since we needed the bigger area in the blue room for office stuff and the guest bed, not to mention Tim's drums.

The other day I decided that I wanted letters spelling out the boys' new names to put over their beds. I couldn't let the idea go, and I couldn't wait anymore, so I went today and spent $46 on these fabulous wooden letters. They are white right now, but if we paint the room another color, we might paint the letters. I spent quite awhile hanging them..... and I love the end result.

The letters are straighter than they look in the pictures. I didn't take the pictures from directly in front, so they look skewed.

We also took the boys to Hobby Lobby and let them each pick out a piggy bank. The other grandkids have piggy banks and I wanted my babies to have them, too. Joey picked a fire hydrant, and Bam-Bam picked a boot. They each picked an airplane, too, and we put all these items on their dresser.

I bought the metal pictures from Hobby Lobby, too. I saw the popsicle kisses picture months ago and almost bought it for my nephew Will, but now I am so happy I waited. The picture on the right is exactly the sentiment I have every time I go into the boys' room. I wish I had a sign that said every day is a gift from GOD, but I guess I can't be too picky. :)

The animals are some of the toys Tim and I bought last night on our date... it has always been a dream of mine to go toy shopping on a date, just like my parents always did. Their every anniversary was spent doing Christmas shopping, and I waited for years to do something similar. We also got Joey a doggy to sleep with, since the only one I had got appropriated by Bam-Bam one of the first days the boys were here. Both boys adore their puppies.

These are some of the first decorations we've gotten, and I look forward to seeing what else gets put in their room!

A note on the boys' names: we decided to change the boys' middle names from what they are right now. We picked Enoch for Joseph. We had never thought of that name all the years we dreamed of names, and we don't particularly like the way it sounds with 'Minich' but we can't help it. That is his name as it is written in the Book of Life. Sounds bold to put it that way, but I believe it's there. Joseph had such a hard start to life, and his heart is much harder it seems than Bam-Bam's. We want him to have a name that will remind him to walk with God. Enoch is pronounced EE-nuk... almost EE-nik.

And Timothy is what we picked for Christopher's middle name because he is so much like his daddy Tim. They are both sensitive, stubborn, and wonderful. They even have the same hair.

Joey can tell you that his name is Joey Enoch, and he is always so happy to say it. Bam-Bam might tell you that his name is Christopher Minich, Bam-Bam Minich, or Timothy Minich, depending on how he feels at the time. But he knows all three. The letters over their beds spelling their names made the boys feel more secure, I think. And I think it will help solidify in their hearts that they belong here and that they are who they are.....

Joseph Enoch Minich
Christopher Timothy Minich


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  1. Great Job Ems! Love the letters, the names and the banks, and yes Christopher has Tim's hair! LOL


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