Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The boys love helping around the house. I wonder how I can keep this desire in them going?

Anyway, Christopher is fabulous about bringing his laundry from the hamper in their bathroom. He carries so much I can't even see most of his body, and he runs it to the back door! He jogs back and forth until he brings every single piece of laundry, and then he closes the hamper door. He does it so joyfully, giggling the whole time.

I am very happy to have this chore done for me. I have a horrible memory from my childhood in the first Rhea Mills house, where I went to get the laundry from the upstairs hamper, and a GIANT wolf spider crawled out of a cuff on someone's jeans. I didn't look to see whose jeans they were, and I will NEVER roll my pants up because of that, unless they are really, really, really rolled high-- completely out of spider territory. I don't think I've gotten laundry from a hamper since. I can't. And Bam-Bam is so good at it, why should I? :)

I'm still looking for the perfect chore for Yoey. He is really really good at picking things up from the floor. He loves crawling under the table to find toys, and he is the one I ask to scoot the chairs closer to the table whenever they are out. He loves 'making more space'. When he is a bit bigger, we're going to give him the job of feeding our murdering cutthroat beast, but right now he's too little and still a bit scared. Sometime I'll tell the story of why he is so afraid of some animals.

Oh.... Joey loves helping me make the beds! He tucks his sheet (they both call them blankets) into the edges of the bunk bed, and he makes it all nice and smooth. We're working on his being able to make it straight.

Bam-Bam likes standing by the dishwasher and handing me the clean cups to put away, and both boys are pretty good at cleaning their room, if we go in there and remind them over and over to get to it.

I'm so pleased with how far they've come!

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