Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Water Hose!

Today the boys played outside.... I try to let them do this every day since it gives them exercise, gives me a break, and lets them get good and tired for bedtime.... and after they were all hot and sweaty, I asked them if they wanted me to spray them with the water hose. Boy, did they jump on that! I had them strip naked, because nearly every picture I've ever seen of kids playing (myself and my sisters included) had naked bottoms running everywhere. Well, after they were naked, with wet diapers lying on the porch, I thought to myself, "Self, they need to put their shorts back on." So I talked to them about how we need to put our shorts back on so no one sees our weenies! :)

I turned the hose on, and they loved it! They ran around the yard trying to drink the water, and I felt bad about that because I know Dad got a parasite years ago from drinking out of a hose, but I was hoping it was ok. Joey loved getting the water all over him, but Christopher didn't like it in his face. Then, I had them stand close and we practiced 'showering'. I am looking forward to the day when we can stop baths! Joey did really well, and Christopher had to live up to his brother's antics, so he did pretty well, too. Christopher slipped and fell twice running on the porch trying to get away from the water, and then he obeyed really well about staying on the grass. What fun and cheap entertainment! I remember so many times of playing in water with my sisters and cousins. They will remember this forever.

Afterward, I had them drip-dry on the grass while I put away the hose, and they repeated that over and over. Drip dry, drip dry. Then we had baths, and at bedtime, they went to bed better than they ever have. What a wonderful blessing after the past two very hard days.

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