Monday, June 14, 2010

My puppies and kitties

Our boys crawl around on the floor pretending they are puppies and then pretending they are kitties. Christopher started it. He's been pretending for days. He pretends when he is outside, inside, whenever the fancy strikes him. Joey saw him today, and instead of being the owner and leading the 'puppy' around with a leash, he decided to be a puppy too. Christopher has caught onto the concept that his name can't be Puppy, but that he IS a puppy. So he picked Stella for his name. Joey hasn't understood that yet, so he goes by Puppy.

They come up to me and expect me to pet them, so like a good mommy, I put away the computer or the dishes or the laundry, and scratch my puppies behind their ears and all over their heads. They love it and come back every five seconds for another petting.

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