Monday, June 28, 2010


I walked into the boys' room the other day to see clothes pulled out of the drawers-- just a few, and they were still nicely folded. I called the boys in, intending to find out whodunit. The first words out of Joey's mouth, before I'd even asked anything, were: "Bam-Bam did it."

I couldn't help smiling, but I still made him sit down for a bit since we don't tattle on each other in this house. I would have preferred for Bam-Bam to tell me himself that he did it, but Joey ruined that one. :)


The other day Christopher said: "I want Stella to eat me!" Lol.


Very often the boys argue like this:

Ih My Mommy!
No, if MY mommy!
No!! Ih MYYYYY mommy!!

Ih MY Daddy.
No! Ih Myyyyyy daddy!!



When Christopher has to sit on the bed in the guest room to remember to obey, I always tell him, "Ok, you may get up." And he says, in joyful wonder, "I MAY get up!!!" :)


Christopher practiced asking for more ketchup today at lunch; and after I gave it to him, he rejoiced: "You gave me more ketchup!!!"


Last night, I put the boys to bed, kissed them, and told them to be quiet and go to sleep. A bit later I had to go back in to remind them to obey. After that, I stood directly outside the doorway for a minute to restore order if their misbehavior shattered the peace, and I that's when I heard Christopher say: "I wanted Mommy to kiss me!" So I did. This is the life.

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