Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Early Childhood School

Tim and I are trying to decide if we should enroll Joey in early childhood school. It's a morning program, from 8:15am to 11am. That wouldn't be very long from home, and according to his testing, he really needs it.

He seems to be behind in pretty much everything, the poor kid. He simply hasn't had the time to learn, and he hasn't had anyone willing to teach him. He's going to be getting speech therapy, and the psychologist told us today that he needs occupational therapy too, due to the fact that he can't really draw right now (that's the only reason that Tim told me, I'm sure there were others). It's so sad, how someone's education and normal development can slip through the cracks. The foster care system is so focused on getting the kids and keeping them safe, and then secondarily helping them to progress to where they should be, but, the very fact that the kid is in foster care is what is making them developmentally behind! We are hoping that by putting Joey in a morning program, he will be around other kids and learn socialization----

ok, ok, ok, I know I am an ex-home schooler saying that a kid needs public school to learn socialization, don't throw stones at me!!! I've tried to socialize him, but SOMEONE (and you know who you are!) keeps not having time for her kids to get together with my kids!) :)

We are also hoping he will be helped with things that he is really behind on, like drawing and whatever else they do. He will also learn things like how to sit quietly in a circle, and other things like that.

If you are violently opposed to this idea, please comment and tell me why. We want to make a good decision, and we certainly don't want him some place where he'll be harmed. Tim has told me that from his one subbing experience at Isaacs a few of the aides are mean. We'd have to request a good class, and if we couldn't, it'd be a deal breaker. We have already asked our agency if we can withdraw him if he doesn't do well.

I am going to work with Christopher here at home. He is so quick. The other day he looked at a plastic bag and said "Wal-mart" and it WAS! And they both know that I will likely stop and buy coffee, and they know when based on where in town we are, and they know when we are getting close to home. I don't know if those things are normal for kids who just turned 3 and 4, but I don't remember being that quick. If I had been, surely I'd have remembered it!

I wish there were an Early Childhood Genius School to send Christopher to, but I don't know of one. And to be fair, Joey might be as fast mentally too, and just not be able to articulate it since no one has ever taught the poor child to talk.

Anyway, that's what we're considering now. I know Tim's mom took him out of school because they weren't helping him be all he could be (Go Army! :) but I'm afraid with Joey it is the other way around. He might need professional help to progress, and then come kindergarten, we'll decide if we should send him to the fabulous school on our street or if we should keep him home.

However, if he progresses really well this summer with both Tim and me home, maybe we won't think it's necessary to put him in ECS at all. And then I'll have written this post for nothing. :)


  1. Ok.... Can he take speech and occupational therapy and do the other stuff at home?

    Tim went to "Early Childhood development, and I had to pull him out because he started banging his head against the wall (mimicking) and they thought he was AUTISTIC! LOL His teacher was nice, but the classroom situation was deplorable. We opted for the therapy, minus the "education". :)
    Socialize them at the park.

  2. I think giving the school a try won't hurt, especially if you still feel like that after a few more weeks (months) he is with you.


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