Saturday, June 12, 2010


I know I am writing several blog posts today, but I feel like I need to tell you guys some of the things our temporary hopefully permanent children are doing.

Some foster parent long ago began calling Christopher "Bam-Bam", and when the boys came, that is all he answered to. Joey only calls him Bam-Bam, and Christopher said one day softly in the back of the car, "You Mommy, You Daddy, You Yoey, Me Bam-Bam!" Now he calls himself Kit o pehr, and it is adorable.

When we first got Christopher, he began throwing tantrums. And he hasn't stopped. Boy, are they doozies. One after another after another. They keeping going. Spitting, kicking, screaming NO NO NO NO NO!!! If Tim is lucky, he'll remember to take off his glasses before he carries Chris to his room. If he isn't lucky, Tim's glasses will end up clutched in Christopher's sweaty little grip of death. In addition to the kicking tantrums, Christopher would throw himself on the floor EVERY TIME he didn't get his way. Even if it was something as simple as having milk when he wanted water. He was vicious, and in the midst of his temper tantrums, sometimes we could see a very scared face. He would shrink into himself and hang his head. It was so sad.

The third day, Christopher's tantrums changed. There weren't as many, but they were still atrocious.

Now, we can walk or carry him to his room as soon as he doesn't obey, and within a matter of seconds, he says he is ready to obey. And we are seeing this very sweet spirit emerge.... at least, I am. Christopher is a different being entirely with Tim. He completely ignores him, walks off, and still yells no.

We aren't too discouraged, because Keller/Anthony did this for a very long time, but close to the end of when we had him, he discovered just how much he loves and respects Tim.

We know this will happen for Christopher, and I am promoting "Our Daddy!" as much as I possibly can. "We love our Daddy" "We don't spit on our Daddy!" "We miss our Daddy" "Go ask Daddy!" tons and tons of different ways and hopefully we will see a respect for Tim emerge just like he is starting to respect me.

We have him say "I'm sorry, Daddy/Mommy" whenever he has disobeyed, and it is so sweet to see him run to the person he didn't obey from his room, as fast as he can to say he's sorry. I'm sure that soon we will start to see even more obedience from this child who has needed stability in love and discipline (which are impossible to separate) his whole life.

We love this child; right now he is sitting on my lap pressing my hands into the keyboard saying "Inna hep you, Mommy!"

I'd rather have this kind of 'help' than no Christopher. So special!

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  1. yay we are so happy for you over here em. Loove you


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