Monday, June 21, 2010


Christopher decided today that he wasn't going to obey anything. And I mean, nothing. And he did all this naughtiness with a smile. So we had lots of sitting down today. He'd misbehave in the yard, and he'd have to come in and sit down. Then he'd hit Joey, and he'd have to come in and sit down. Then he'd spit on Joey, and he'd have to come in and sit down. Then he'd run his hands up and down the blinds, and he'd have to sit down. Having him sit down is working, believe it or not.

I know, I know, then why does he keep disobeying? Well, for starters, he's only three, and I believe this is brand new for him. I don't think he'd ever heard the word obey before he came to us. He hasn't screamed all day today, even if he didn't get his way. Even when I put him on the bed in the other room for a while, he didn't scream. He merely called me over and over, and THEN he didn't disobey for a few HOURS. It was refreshing.

Anyway, I believe I've written before that this child is incredibly strong willed. He wants his way, and it has been difficult to make him understand that it is more fun to obey. I don't claim that he does understand yet, fully, but he certainly is beginning to.

Even when he does understand fully that it is better to obey, I know that he will still disobey all the time. After all, we all sin even though we know how much better God's way is.

He is a happy, joyful boy. He hasn't thrown himself on the floor in weeks; he hardly ever sinks down on the floor in dejection when he doesn't get his way. Instead, he hangs his head. He is making better and better choices. We're working on getting him to say, "Mommy, I'm really sad. I really wanted to play with that." That's advanced, I know, but he is incredible smart. And more than the words, we're trying to teach him that attitude of disappointment that can move on and continue living.

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