Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our God is a Sovereign God

I have to tell on myself to write this post, so I'm going for it even if it makes me look bad. :)

Sunday night Tim and I stayed up really late. We haven't been doing that lately, actually, but with me suffering with allergies, my sleep patterns have gotten messed up lately. Tim had taken a nap when he came home from work since he didn't feel well either, and by the time we went to bed, he had about two and a half hours to sleep before he was going to have to get up to look for a job.

I told him he should just stay home. It would make things a bit more difficult this summer, (since he's not getting paid during summer months, you know), but I thought it would be ok. I told him and told him, but he stood firm... he was going to get up and look for a job, and then go to work. Well, that was what he needed to do, I knew, but I felt bad for him. So I decided I wasn't going to remind him to set the alarm. And I told him, too, that I wondered what helping vs. hindering was... was I helping him get more sleep by not reminding him to set the alarm or was I hindering him? I knew I was hindering, but I was happy to take my medicine if it would help him to have more sleep.

Well, then it was prayer time. And Tim prays and prays about the sovereignty of God. It was a good reminder, and Tim and I talked about the work issue again. And I told Tim that I didn't know if how his staying home tomorrow was from my hand or God's (since I was surely misbehaving by not reminding him about the alarm). Tim assured me that, no matter what, whatever happened, and it was going to be going to work, it was from God's hand.

Well, I still didn't say anything about the alarm, and I told Tim that he WAS going to be staying home. Neither of us was upset with each other, just playing around.

What do you know. Even though I was determined to keep him home, and even though the alarm did not go off at 5:30am so Tim could get up and look for a job, the phone rang. At 7:15 the phone rang with an offer for a job a WEEK LONG. And at Plano East, for Special Ed, for this chick who is going on bed rest. (As an aside, there's an awful lot of pregnancy going around. It's everywhere, man.)

Talk about God's sovereignty. No matter what I did, reminding about the alarm clock, or whatever, God still had a plan and it was a good plan.

So that's what amazed me this week.

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