Friday, May 14, 2010

A Double Dose of Skank

Talk about lewdness... what were these little girls' parents thinking?!?!?

I heard about this video this morning on The Mark Davis show. He was criticizing it for much the same reason I'm about to.

I almost cried watching these children, 2nd graders!, dance in such a fashion. What does this say about society... how even such little kids are taught they have to be sexy in order to get attention, and where such a dance is allowed in a competition for kids?

It makes you wonder what these kids are going to grow up to be.

Mark Davis was also discussing whether or not this kind of dancing is ok for cheerleaders to do during a basketball game. I was surprised that he believed it was not ok.

Oh for the days when the waltz was too risque. :)

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  1. Hey Em's. It appears the video clip was pulled from you tube due to copy right issues.
    I have seen some of this kind of stuff I'm imagining you are writing about, and it is unfortunate to say the least.

    What will happen? Who knows.
    Maybe the waltz really IS risque'?
    And we just don't know it. :)

    When I was a kid, ALL dancing was considered a horrible sin. I never attended a dance or a concert.
    I think the Church, is very worldly, and there is not much different between the two. THAT is the saddest.


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