Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Annals of 'The Puppy, My Stella' Pt. 7

At the risk of playing into people's fears, I'm going to phrase the following this way anyway:

Wow! Stella nearly attacked me to get to the special dog food I got for her today! My goodness, she was so excited. I registered for the free Pedigree dog food giveaway for newly adopted dogs, and I finally went and got the food today. There was a free 20 lb. bag and four free cans.

The food she adores is the canned food. It stinks and it's wet, but it is her new best friend. She almost never whines, but after she nudged and nudged and nudged me while I was attempting to extricate it from the can, and ate it, she begged at the door for more! When I gave her the new regular food (now adult instead of puppy) she was not thrilled. I had to coax her to eat it.

Silly doggy.

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