Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Annals of 'The Puppy, My Stella' Pt. 5

Stella is getting more and more enjoyable. She's also getting more and more self-sufficient. Remember all those blankets she tore up? Well, I decided that I just wasn't going to give her anymore, and if it was cold, oh well. (Below freezing I'd have brought her in, of course!) Well, she hasn't slept in her nice house since then-- not a single night. Instead, she has made herself a nice bed (read 'hole') under the bushes that I almost gave away on Freecycle. I'm glad no one wanted them; they make the perfect shelter for her. When I go out to pet her at night, she comes out from her hiding place and her coat isn't even cold, even if it is freezing to me.

She did tear to pieces the bucket Tim and I had in the yard. I'd really bene enjoying the idea of having a bucket. I know, I sound 5, but literally I'd think about it a couple times a month, how I was so happy I had a bucket. :) Something must have happened in my childhood to make me love my bucket. And she killed it. Chewed it completely in half, and scattered the small pieces all over the yard. I went and picked them up this morning, and she was not pleased I was taking her toys away. There really isn't much else out there she could chew to bits. She's gone at the wicket chairs until we put a stop to that, (won't tell you how), and she also seems to enjoy eating the rose bushes. Man, you'd think I starve her!

She has not eaten the hose. She dragged it across the yard a couple times until we sprayed her with it, and then after three baths with it, she has decided it is not worth her trouble. I'm glad, considering that's a nice hose.

Also, when I was picking up the bucket today, I noticed a pipe of some variety in the yard. This pipe she pulled up out of the ground from somewhere (I have no idea where it was). I wonder if it is a sprinkler? It isn't broken, so it couldn't have been attached to anything. I took it away, and she wasn't happy about that either.

I have been letting her chew on the giant rubber piece she unearthed from the edge of the flower bed. I'm not kidding, it's as long as a car bumper. She likes it pretty well, and I'm glad it's big, since she demolished in two hours the toy I'd gotten her that was supposed to be for touch chewers.

She has also gotten to be quite the guard dog. Our neighbors love us (except the one who walks the glorified rat). I'm sure he thinks his prissy little dog is better than Stella, but regardless of that, Stella could definitely beat up his little yappy dog.

That's all for now!

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