Saturday, February 13, 2010

Stella and the Snow

Snow has never been one of my favorite occurrences. I can take it or leave it, and I guess that's because it didn't snow often enough around here for me to develop strong feelings one way or another.

It is beautiful, that is for sure, and I like the snowball fights with Tim. I like the most, however, that Tim gets to stay home from work when it gets too snowy. This weekend is a four day weekend! We are excited, but unfortunately, we are both getting sick.

It reminds me of the time that Dad told us we could get married..... permission he'd withheld for a good while. After he told us, he turned to mom and said, "Do you think she heard what I said? She doesn't seem too excited." I will forever feel robbed because I was too sick to demonstrate the emotion I was feeling, or, to be completely honest, that I wanted to feel. I actually felt dead. :)

At any rate, Tim and I will go to bed early tonight, and tomorrow hopefully we'll feel well enough to spend a bit of time in the snow.

I went out today and had a snowball fight with Stella. She loved it, although, it was likely my laughing and petting her in between hits that gave her the notion that it was fun to get hit by snowballs. Apparently I got her used to the snow, because then I videoed this:

Isn't she adorable? You have to excuse the tv going in the background. I videoed many more, but I'll spare all you non Stella lovers.

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