Saturday, February 13, 2010


In our culture, repentance is looked at incorrectly, usually being viewed in one of two ways:

1. I have to repent?!? I didn't even do anything wrong, and if I did, it wasn't that wrong!

2. Repentance is humiliating! It's like rubbing it in that you did wrong in front of tons of people even though you already knew it.

But neither of these is biblically correct.

Repentance is beautiful. Where else can you see such a wonderful picture of God working in someone's life? Repentance showcases sin being changed to LIFE, and that is not something we should ever be ashamed or humiliated at demonstrating. That is the gospel-- a sinful heart being changed to LIFE.

If we are humiliated, then our view of repentance and God's grace is wrong. Maybe we think that others will look down on us, and that upsets us. If they do, then they need a lesson in what repentance is, and we need to realize that their attitude doesn't say anything about us and our standing with God.

Maybe our pride resists admitting publicly that we were sinning. If that is the case, we really aren't repenting at all, are we.

Repentance is a beautiful sacrifice of self on God's altar, not a time of humiliation.


  1. As far as my opinion matters: repentance is about humility rather than being humiliated.

  2. I think you are absolutely correct. People confuse those two things, also. Humility is also beautiful, and we should strive for humility, not humiliation. Repentance demonstrates our humility.


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