Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Difference between Truth and Truth

Lots of people have asked me about this, and here's the answer.

The difference between political truth and biblical truth is that we are only called to live and die for God, not our opinions (however true they are) about politics.  I wouldn't go to the stake for capitalism, however true it is that our country was built on capitalism, etc..  However, for God, I pray that I would die without counting this life better.

Paul was called to preach Christ and Christ crucified, the understanding being that other things are not worth division in the body of Christ.  If he can make a distinction between Apollos and Paul, and Peter, and whoever else was mentioned, I can make a distinction between Biblical and Political truth.

Our citizenship is in heaven and not on earth, and that is why Biblical truth is worth dying for and worth losing friends over.  Politics are not.

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