Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Annals of 'The Puppy, My Stella'

I know many of you do not like my dog.  That's ok, because I like her enough for all of us.  She is my precious the puppy, my Stella!

Stella really makes me smile.  She beats up her bone before she eats it by tossing it around the yard and chasing it.  She does this every couple bites, too.

She barks and growls at the rain.  Every time it starts raining, she starts growling.

She comes to the door to see how I am during the day, and sometimes I let her in and let her follow me around.  And then I vacuum.

She has completely ripped up the down comforter covering her house.  She spread the fluff all around the yard.

She bit the end completely off of the Christmas lights that we've been meaning to take down from the back porch.  I was going to throw them away anyway since they've been up two years (three Christmases!), so now I have a reason to go ahead and do it.

She tumped all the dirt our of my big pot that had a dead plant in it.  I didn't have the heart to scold her since I'd been wanting to tump it out myself but hadn't since I'm afraid of black widows and other critters on flower pots, and for good reason!  She thought she was in trouble though, and as soon as I came out the back door she darted out into the yard and wouldn't come back until I'd sweet talked her a bit.  She really did me a favor with that bit of destruction.

She takes her tug-of-war toy into the yard (after she wins at the game) and dances around with it.  She shakes it until it submits, and then she brings it back for another try at the game.

The puppy my Stella takes her red ball on a string in her mouth, shakes it back and forth, and then runs it across the yard.  Then she shakes it again, and then takes it back to the other side of the yard.  She plays this game over and over!

She drags her blankets out to the yard to lay on them.... I don't really mind this.  I guess she is a lady and doesn't want to lay on the dirty grass.   And she's allergic to grass, so maybe it is much more comfy for her.

She knows how to sit and stay, and she got upset yesterday when I tripped and almost fell down.

I love her.  She's the puppy, my Stella!

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